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Bullseye Investment Management, LLC August Client Newsletter
I will discuss recent account rebalancing, but first:
Housekeeping issues:
#1 I have a new office.  Since I sold the Mt. Orab office I have mostly worked from home, and I had a small office on Beechmont to hold some client meetings.  My new office is still on Beechmont Avenue, but it is in a more convenient location, the CMC office building.  Further, I plan to keep regular hours there, instead of primarily home officing. The address is:
4030 Mt. Carmel Tobasco Rd Suite #113 Cincinnati, OH 45255
The office location is very easy to find.  It is at the corner of Beechmont Ave., and the I-275 exit at the east end of Beechmont, next to Butterbees restaurant.  Suite 113 is the first office on the right when you enter the building.  You turn onto Mt. Carmel Tobasco Rd., then just past the Butterbees entrance make a right into the parking lot (if coming from Beechmont). The office is not large, but it is just right, with a separate room for client files and storage, and a nice client meeting room.  If I end up with a big group, they have a large conference room available.
Call, or email to let me know you are coming and stop by.  Maybe we can have lunch at Butterbees, or at your favorite Beechmont establishment. 
#2  I have 4 phone numbers, 5, if you include my fax.  My cell number is 937-377-1234. This is the best number to reach me.  I also have a Cincinnati phone number, 513-774-3325.  This number is forwarded to my cell number.  From my old Mt. Orab office I have kept the 937-444-4449 that was my landline.  Only a few clients use this number.  I will be contacting those who use this number individually soon to ask them to use my cell number instead.  I also have a tollfree number, 1-866-883-1234.  Very few use this number. With most calls being made on cell phones few even pay for long distance anymore.  I will also be contacting these folks as well and asking them to also use my cell number.  These two numbers cost almost $1,000 a year and I don’t think 3% of my clients use them, so I will be shutting them down very soon.  Please make a note to call me at 937-377-1234. If this is an extra expense to you, let me know. I can reimburse you for a lot less than I am paying now.  Thank You.
Some clients have asked about texting.  Yes, texting me is fine.  Send any desired text message to 937-377-1234. 
My fax number is 1-800-401-3513. It is the cheapest phone number I have, and it is not really a fax machine.  It is an Efax service and the faxes all end up in my email inbox.  It is a really neat service. I highly recommend it if you still need a fax service but don’t want to pay $600 per year for a separate line.  It also allows you to have an electronic record of all sent and received faxes. For those interested, I think it costs less than $10 per month. Many financial institutions still use fax lines and I use this service very often.
Account Rebalancing
Monday the 22nd, I rebalanced about 80% of our accounts.  The result is I reduced risk somewhat.  I reduced stock exposure 10-20% and also shifted some of the funds allocated to stocks into more conservative stock holdings. We still own some biotech stocks, tech stocks, and small/mid cap stocks, but I reduced the proportions. I decided the best time to reduce risk was before the risk event arrived.  Further, I can rapidly reduce stock exposure if needed by selling stock ETF’s that most accounts hold. I am not predicting doom and gloom; I am just being careful.
The upcoming presidential election.  Everyone I talk to is worried about the election this fall.  Not only does this fall’s election create risk in the US, I believe that global risk is increased due to the possible instability our domestic election and transfer of power could create.  Most people I discuss this topic with have distrust of both major party candidates and similar concerns.
If there is a market decline, we can use the cash we hold now to buy quality stocks on sale.  If no broad decline takes place, I can invest the cash we hold now into various opportunities that I am monitoring now, or in new investment possibilities as they present themselves.  I do have a list of individual stocks, and sector based ETF’s that I would like invest in when and if prices become more attractive. I continue to favor medical related investments, but the upcoming election adds a little risk to this sector at this time as Hillary Clinton is prone to criticize pharmaceutical companies.  In the long run, our aging population and technology progress will drive advances in treatment, and ultimately value for shareholders and patients.  
Please contact me with any questions about your account, or market opportunities, and stop by to see my new office.
Tim’s Email: tim@bullseyeinv.com
PS Please note How I handled the ‘Brexit’ election.  I did not sell anything as the market fell, and was able to put cash to work neat the bottom for many clients. The bottom line is we made money of the ‘Brexit’ event.
*****Please note, when I discuss how ‘WE’ did, I am speaking broadly about most accounts invested for growth.  Your account may be invested for a different goal, such as income, or your risk acceptance may preclude me from making some investments for your account. ***** Again, contact me to discuss YOUR accounts.