Does your advisor truly work for you?

Make sure your advisor's goals align with  your goals

Understand Potential Conflicts of interest

Commission based brokers and agents are paid when a transaction occurs.  The conflict occurs when the desire for commissions exceeds the desire to serve.  Is that annuity or new mutual fund really in your best interest? For many investors, it is hard to tell.  

At Bullseye Investment Management, this conflict will never occur.  Bullseye receives no revenue from tranactions, and is paid only to manage assets. Hire a manager, not a salesman.


Retirement Planning

Clients often ask Tim to take an in-depth look at their potential income in retirement.  This service is included at no extra fee for investment management clients. Examining pensions, social security, and income produced from investments, such as your 401k, estimates can be made to assess one's preparation for retirement.  These calculations can be reviewed regularly and updated to reflect portfolio growth and other changes.