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Bullseye 2017 Year End Wrap Up

by Timothy Guthrie on Jan 17, 2018

2017 was a very good year. The average Bullseye client made 18.4% in 2017, and has a two-year average of 13% a year. The average client attained these results with a portfolio that is about 70% stocks and has 25% less downside risk than the S&P 500. For comparisons sake, a blended index of 70% stocks, and 30% bonds (the NYSE composite index and the Vanguard Bond index) made 11.4% last year and has a two-year average of 8.9%.

Bullseye Thanksgiving Newsletter

by Timothy Guthrie on Nov 19, 2017



Tim is taking a week of vacation Tuesday 11/21 through Monday 11/27. I will have my phone and laptop handy if you have an urgent need, or if there is any serious market activity that requires me to take action. I will also continue to watch all our top holdings.

Tuesday 11/28 through Saturday 12/01 I will be moving into my new Cincinnati Office. It is near my current office, just a bit further down Beechmont. While moving I will also be watching the markets and available to address client needs. I will resume a normal schedule by Monday December 4th.

The Hidden Risk of Commission Based Investment Sales

by Timothy Guthrie on Oct 5, 2017

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When sitting down with an “investment professional” (hereafter referred to as ‘IP’), folks understand that the person across the desk, needs to be compensated something. Additionally, the IP’s firm has overhead, and keeping the doors open is expensive. You understand this principle is universal: The bagel shop sells you a bagel for $1.95 because their rent is $7,000 and month, the tire shop charges $900 for four new tires because the tires wholesale for $110 each and the new building cost $5.4 million.

Bullseye Investment Management, LLC August Client Newsletter

by Timothy Guthrie on Sep 7, 2017


I will discuss recent account rebalancing, but first:
Housekeeping issues:
#1 I have a new office.  Since I sold the Mt. Orab office I have mostly worked from home, and I had a small office on Beechmont to hold some client meetings.  My new office is still on Beechmont Avenue, but it is in a more convenient location, the CMC office building.  Further, I plan to keep regular hours there, instead of primarily home officing. The address is:
4030 Mt. Carmel Tobasco Rd Suite #113 Cincinnati, OH 45255

Calculating Retirement Savings: How to Add Up Your Financial Future Success

by Timothy Guthrie on Sep 7, 2017

How much money do I need to retire? This is probably the question financial planners are asked the most when clients walk in to discuss retirement freedom. A simple question, in theory, but not an easy answer. Understanding what your optimal retirement savings are means peace of mind in your golden years.

How To Hit Your Savings Goals

by Timothy Guthrie on Sep 7, 2017


Goals are one of the principal starting points of any financial plan. It may seem like the idea of goal setting is reserved for life’s biggest adventures, but in reality having a different spectrum of goals, whether it be short term or long term, is crucial for keeping your finances and savings on track. But how do you ensure your financial goals become reality in your lifetime? There are a few basic steps that you can take towards living your dreams!