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Early December Bullseye Investment Management Newsletter

by Advisor Websites_2 on Feb 2, 2019


Market Update

I had intended to write a newsletter as November wrapped up. In the closing days of November, the market had gained back about 40-50% of the recent losses, and things were looking up. I was preparing to write that perhaps we had turned the corner.

What has been affecting the markets are two large concerns:

Late Spring Bullseye Client Newsletter

by Timothy Guthrie on Jun 1, 2018


Market Recap

January was great, February was awful, and March and April were see-saw at low levels with fear of trade wars or fears that President Trump would say something unconventional roiling markets. The markets were up and down, but importantly held above the market lows of February. Over the last few months the market reaction to various Trump policies slowly became less volatile. The backdrop for all this was an economy hitting on all eight cylinders. Corporate profits are at all time highs, employment is at an all time high, and wages are finally moving up.

February/ March Bullseye Client Newsletter

by Timothy Guthrie on Mar 5, 2018


Market Update

I have not written since the heavy volatility of February. What has happened since then? A fair amount of additional volatility, some sideways movement and some price recovery. This past 6 weeks has not been the ‘immediate bounce back’ we saw so often the past few years, but has been harder to gauge, and several issues are affecting the stock and bond markets. Below are the numbers:

YTD as of February 28th:

Friday February 2nd 2018 Newsletter

by Timothy Guthrie on Feb 2, 2018


Hello All,
As of this afternoon, the Market peaked last Friday. Many tech holdings have declined 4% since then, so today to lock in gains for those who have held them for some time, and to minimize losses for those who have not held them very long, I sold a large portion of our tech holdings. I sold 100%  of:
QTEC- NASDAQ 100 based ETF
ROBO- Robotics ETF
BOTZ- Artificial Intelligence/ robotics ETF 
IHI- Medical device ETF
FBT-Biotech ETF 
ETIHX- Biotech mutual fund
FSMEX- Medical device mutual fund

Bullseye 2017 Year End Wrap Up

by Timothy Guthrie on Jan 17, 2018

2017 was a very good year. The average Bullseye client made 18.4% in 2017, and has a two-year average of 13% a year. The average client attained these results with a portfolio that is about 70% stocks and has 25% less downside risk than the S&P 500. For comparisons sake, a blended index of 70% stocks, and 30% bonds (the NYSE composite index and the Vanguard Bond index) made 11.4% last year and has a two-year average of 8.9%.