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June Newsletter

by Timothy Guthrie on Jul 10, 2019

Project Update 

In May we started on the “financial information update” project.  In this is initiative we are asking you to update information on your financial position (assets and liabilities) and investment time frame and goals.  State regulators want us to document that we are keeping current with client financial needs and over time, investment goals, risk tolerance and finances will change.  This is a new push by regulators.

1 st Quarter/Tax Season Wrap up Newsletter

by Timothy Guthrie on Jun 18, 2019

Market Update

Through March, our average account was up 15% after all fees. This is ahead of the S&P and considering that our average account is under 80% stocks, is quite good. I appreciate you hanging on last fall, and December in particular. It was difficult, but the right choice. Remember that in December I wrote that I was “not going to sell our excellent investments at these prices.”

All stock market sectors improved, with growth stocks doing better than value stocks generally. Our growth drivers (five of our top 10 holdings) did REALLY good:

May Newsletter

by Timothy Guthrie on Jun 18, 2019

Market Update

April saw continued gains in most US stock market indices. On average, our accounts gained 2% for total gains of 17% YTD. The underlying theme was that the a ‘trade deal’ with China was 90% sewn up. The feared ‘global slowdown’ was now cancelled and everything looked rosy.

Mid-March Newsletter

by Tim Guthrie on Mar 29, 2019

Market Update

The stock market has continued to shine, recovering our losses from last quarter. On average we are up 13% YTD through Feb 28th. This figure is net of fees. This is beating the S&P 500, and we are on average only about 80% stocks, so we have less risk too. Over three years, after all fees we are averaging gains of 12.3 % per year. This too is an excellent result. As I write this (March 19, 2019) we are likely up about 15% on average, though my performance reporting system can’t produce official results until the month has ended.

Early December Bullseye Investment Management Newsletter

by Advisor Websites_2 on Feb 2, 2019


Market Update

I had intended to write a newsletter as November wrapped up. In the closing days of November, the market had gained back about 40-50% of the recent losses, and things were looking up. I was preparing to write that perhaps we had turned the corner.

What has been affecting the markets are two large concerns:

Late Spring Bullseye Client Newsletter

by Timothy Guthrie on Jun 1, 2018


Market Recap

January was great, February was awful, and March and April were see-saw at low levels with fear of trade wars or fears that President Trump would say something unconventional roiling markets. The markets were up and down, but importantly held above the market lows of February. Over the last few months the market reaction to various Trump policies slowly became less volatile. The backdrop for all this was an economy hitting on all eight cylinders. Corporate profits are at all time highs, employment is at an all time high, and wages are finally moving up.