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    How do I get copies of your disclosure documents?

    Send me an email, (see the contact page) and I will be happy to send my most recent disclosure documents, ADV Part2A and ADV Part2B.

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    How long have you been in business?

    Tim Guthrie, CFP™ has been in the investment industry his entire adult life, since graduating from college with a BS in accounting in 1989. August 2016 marked 27 years of experience.

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    What happens if Tim dies or becomes disabled?

    If for any reason Tim is unable to perform his duties, Bullseye clients have no illiquid investment positions or proprietary products and would be able to move their accounts to virtually any investment advisor they choose, facing no sales charges or penalties to do so. 

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    How long does it take to receive a check if I need to make a redemption?

    If money funds are available requests can be submitted the same day. Checks can be sent regular mail, overnight, ACH or even via fed funds wire directly to your bank. If funds are not available then investments are sold, and after settlement (4 days) funds can be sent.

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    How is my data safeguarded?

    TD Ameritrade Institutional, our investment custodian uses the highest data encryption methodology allowed for non-government or non-military uses. Access is safe guarded at many levels. In our office, client computer files are guarded by two levels of passwords.

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    How do prepare investment deposit checks to add to my accounts?

    All checks are made payable to: TD Ameritrade Institutional, the custody firm that holds all client assets for Bullseye Investment Management LLC clients.  

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    Does Bullseye Investment Management impose a minimum asset level for potential clients?

    Bullseye does not impose a minimum level of assets for potential clients.  We are happy to serve anyone who values our service. Tim Guthrie, CFP™ also believes it is a bad business practice to turn potential clients away.

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    Who Holds my Investments?

    All client brokerage account assets are held in custody at TD Ameritrade Institutional, a division of TD Ameritrade, one of the largest investment asset custody firm in North America. TD Ameritrade Institutional sends all statements, trade conformations, tax documentation, checks and distributions directly to clients. Internet Access to view account positions and history is also available through TD Ameritrade Institutional. The client website is:


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    How is Bullseye Investment Management LLC different than other investment firms?
    • ​Bullseye is a FEE ONLY investment advisor.  This means we make no revenue from transactions, and earn no sales commissions. This eliminates the     conflict of interest that often clouds commission driven advice.​
    • Bullseye is owned and managed by a Certified Financial Planner, Tim Guthrie., AS a CFP™, Tim is a fiduciary, and required to conduct all business in    the standard of “The best interest of the client”
    • Bullseye Investments actively works to reduce risk in investment accounts.
    • Unlike large firms, Bullseye has no proprietary products, or limited “approved lists” to select investments from.  This means you actually are invested in what Tim believes is best, rather than what earns ‘the house’ the most revenue.
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    Can Bullseye manage my 401k Rollover?

    Yes, Bullseye Investment Management, can manage your 401k rollover, IRA rollover, and  pension rollover.  Tim Guthrie, CFP™, has 27 years of experience managing 401k rollovers and rollovers from other types of retirement plans as well. Don't leave your 401k to chance, call Tim today to schedule a meeting to discuss your retirement investing goals and learn how Bullseye works to reduce risk.