Tim Guthrie

Tim Guthrie


Tim Guthrie has a BS in Accounting and holds the Certified Financial Planner designation, the most valuable credential for those who serve the public in a financial capacity.

The CFP™ certification requires candidates meet many requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 3+ years of industry experience
  • Completing a CFP™ Professional Education Program including graduate level courses on risk management, investing, taxation, retirement planning, and estate planning.
  • Pass a comprehensive 2 day final exam (only 55% pass after two years of classes)
  • Operate your business with high professional standards
  • Attain 30 hours of continuing education every two years
  • Take an approved ethics course every two years
  • Treating all clients and prospects as a Fiduciary. 


Don't trust your 401k rollover or other assets to a trainee or commission oriented broker or agent. Tim has 29 years of experience and will never compromise your investments to earn a commission. As a ‘Fee Only’ advisor, Bullseye clients never pay any type of sales charge or commission.

Before founding Bullseye Investment Management, Tim had 13 years’ experience, including working for the World's largest mutual fund company (at that time) Fidelity Investments, a New York based life insurer, and the regions' two largest trust departments. This experience spanned  banking, life insurance and investment management.